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Bringing alive the excitement and experience of the world’s greatest rock band, Led Zeppelified performs the mega-hits of the Hammer of the Gods. Get amplified, sanctified, electrified…get Led Zeppelified!

The band was formed to recreate the thrill of being at Led Zeppelin’s legendary live shows. To channel and let flow the spirit and vibe of the Houses of Zeppelin with studio and live versions from throughout the celebrated Led Zeppelin catalog. If you missed seeing Led Zeppelin live in their heyday than you owe it to yourself to get Led Zeppelified. 

Even more than that, it’s about reconnecting with the music that represents, for many millions, the soundtrack of our lives. For the songs that were playing when so many memorable events happened. From hanging out with friends and parties, a first romance or that car you loved or songs you listened to so many times that they’re a part to you. 

Each member of Led Zeppelified embodies the essence of Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham to achieve the groove and vibe of these highly influential master musicians. 

Led Zeppelified is Steve Lawrence (Robert Plant), Tim McGovern (Jimmy Page), Steve McKinley (John Paul Jones), Mark Carbonara (John Bonham). 


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